It is love that makes a home a place of paradise. But when it comes to satisfying the guests, then you cannot help but accept the fact, interior design plays a major role in the bargain. Oh Yes! A housewife  will definitely feel elated at hearing the appreciations from the guests about the appearance. In this article, let us focus on the aspects of home interior design. To give the best value for your time in reading this article, please find the tips from the best residential interior designer in India on how to beautify your home.

Pendant Lights

It is well-known that no matter the number of expensive items, your home may have, a simple error in lighting can give a negative impression. If you have a nice home to flaunt, then pendant lamps are considered as one of the wanted choices for an impressive home interior. Ensure you take time and choose the pendant type that suits your home. It should match with the texture & feel of your home and should captivate the visitor’s attention.

Interior Design

The right interior design should match to the overall aura of your home. Let it be the kitchen, dining room, living room and even the verandah, you have plenty of options to work on. And yes, you can make use of various materials such as teakwood, salwood, charcoal sheet, laminates and GR Plywood to make an everlasting impression on your guests.

Decoration in Walls

Are you interested in giving your home walls a new feel? Then go for the hardware interior design. New, it may be, but it has become popular as one of the most effective methods. With unusual patterns, designs as well as various choices of colors, you can also go for other types such as charcoal sheets, edge binding and more.

Wood Work

You can make the most of decorating your walls with woodwork from various materials such as teakwood, salwood and GR Plywood. But for the floors, you can always use the laminates. There are many who confuse wood work with art, but please note, we are talking only about interior design and not decorating the other spaces. Wood work can provide a traditional touch to your home and with the help of an expert interior designer you can make every room get a vibrant and fresh look.


If there is a factor which assumes the same importance as lighting it is colour. Only an expert interior designer will know the perfect way to blend colours as per your needs. Colours have the power to affect/alter your moods, so choose wisely. Please note, not many will prefer to use neutrals, as they can give a dull appearance to the entire space. You can make use of colour patterns which can not only give a soothing effect to the eyes but also have an appealing look.


It is the recent trend to add hardwood flooring to your home interiors. Although it can add to the value of your home, you may have to hire a professional interior designer for the task.


The above-mentiond are some valuable tips from one of the best residential interior designers in India regarding decorating your home. Please note, there are various types of interior design such as

Please note, every family member of yours’ may have his/her own individual choices and taste, so try to ensure their demands are met. You can get the best by seeking the services of our professional interior designers’ team.