If you have a successful brick and mortar store which deals with antique items, and more & more customers are visiting your business premises, it is time to remodel the interiors as per the needs. Please note, old word décor and interior design can add more than  bit of charm to your office environment. If you are dealing with European antique items, you can make use of dark furnishing as well as European paintings to create the same flair.
A keen eye and you would have observed that interior design of older times concentrated on rich colors, royal luxury furniture and more. If you are keen to implement the old style without breaking the bank, seek the services of our experienced corporate interior designers in India to get the best results.

You can make simple modifications by creating arched windows, doorways, curved ceilings and plaster moldings to reflect an old era.
Combination of various styles

You can also merge European style interior design with the Indian version and prepare a new design in architecture that can captivate the visitors to your store. However, please note, before making any changes, it is wise to obtain the services or seek guidance from an expert interior designer.

Time Travel Design
If you prefer to make a perfect combination of the old European style along with recent update, then try Time Travel Design. This style will create an aura of illusion in your office that the customers will find it difficult to ignore. Please note, it is fun decorating the office with Time Travel Interior Design and even your employees will find the entire act an interesting process!

Colors and Textures

You can choose wood panels, paint and various types of colors to give the look of a old European Castle or building. If you want to make a change in the flooring option, then be sure to choose dark, wooden pieces or wooden laminate to create the scene of an Old European Style building.

Opulent Fabrics

It is not only in modifying and using colors, textures, and architecture that you can make the changes. You can also make use of textural fabrics in various colors as well as patterns in drapes and upholstery.Or rely on comfortable chairs decked with leather upholstery to create the perfect ambiance of European style.


Before making the changes, ensure the new design (consisting of fabrics, wooden tiles/laminate and other materials) correspond with your business vision & the color of the online website (logos etc). Proper light and reflection can either make or mar an establishment. The colors, design, decoration, fabrics, and furniture mustbe in tandem with the lighting. The entire area should resonate a world of charm and positive ambiance for your customers.


Do you want to renovate your existing office and give it a new lease of life? Or are you building an office and want to create an excellent interior for the visitors? Yes? Then seek the assistance of our experienced corporate interior designers in Bangalore and India to get the best results. Let our team of professionals create/recreate a new look for the office that should match your business vision, industry, and principles. Call us today!